The Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP) is a curatorial program of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, dedicated to exhibiting and supporting artists living and working in Minnesota. It was founded in 1975 as a yearlong partnership between the museum and regional artists interested in creating an innovative exhibition and programming space—an agreement that has become a unique, ongoing relationship.

An elected artist panel representing the Minnesota visual arts community selects fellow artists to exhibit their work at the museum. All artists who live and work in Minnesota are welcome to participate: submitting exhibition proposals for panel review, nominating and electing artist panelists, and attending the MAEP’s annual meeting. Exhibiting artists are provided with a stipend, have access to the museum’s professional support services, and participate at every level of exhibition planning and installation.

The MAEP presents contemporary art within the context of an encyclopedic art museum, inserting the state’s artists into a broader discourse about history, art, and culture. The program has featured solo and group shows, site-specific installations, retrospectives, and the once-every-decade “Foot in the Door” exhibitions, and has often been the first major exposure for artists who have gone on to critical and commercial success.


Accepting proposals for the November 2017 to February 2018 exhibition.

Deadline: Friday, October 21, 2016 at 4 p.m.

Decisions will be announced before December 8, 2016.




Proposals can either be submitted by a single artist, collective, or collaboration amongst artists. Create an Account or Sign in and then click on "Create Submission" (button is top, right corner of screen).  You can save your progress, exit the application, and add materials over multiple sessions. Do not wait until the last minute to submit. If you would like assistance with your feedback, please reach out to Nicole Soukup, Artist Liaison (contact information is below).

Mia staff and degree seeking students are not eligible to apply.


Proposals should include all of the following:

  • A two-page resume in PDF format. Collaborative proposals should include a two-page resume per artist saved as a single PDF.
  • A general artist statement, of 500 words or less, outlining your thematic and formal interests. Collaborative proposals should describe the nature of their collaboration in a single statement.
  • An exhibition proposal, of 500 words or less, describing the goals, rationale, and focus of the proposed exhibition. These proposals must demonstrate one (or more) of the following: how acceptance into the program will assist completion of a current project; to realize a new body of work; or state why you would like to show your work in the MAEP space.
  • Up to 12 digital work samples per proposal; including overall, detail, and installation shots of your most recent work. If proposing a new body of work, artists are strongly encouraged to submit works in progress.
    • For image and text samples:  Artist, title, series (if applicable), date, medium, dimensions (h × w × d") or page length are required. Each of the files should be 72 dpi jpeg and no larger than 2MB.
    • For video or sound files:  No longer than 2:00 minutes in length. Upload your file to YouTube or Vimeo then cut and paste link.

When preparing your proposal feel free to review these sample exhibition statements:


Download a plan of the US Bank Gallery Map. We are currently transitioning into this space. Images of the empty gallery will be posted by August 15, 2016

Sketch-up files of US Bank Gallery provided upon request. 


Note: All proposals must be submitted through the online application at maep.mnartists.org. Mailed, emailed, or hand delivered proposals will not be accepted. If your proposal is not selected, you are welcome, and encouraged, to resubmit the proposal for the next deadline. Questions regarding the application process, the program at-large, or feedback regarding past proposals may be directed to Nicole Soukup, Artist Liaison.